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From the business idea of Adelio and Grazia Rossini Stilnovo got born in 1988, a manufacture jewellery business which now is an interesting entrepreneurial reality of the most important Italian jewellery district. The client has available all the know how coming from the local artisan talent, which all the most worldwide admired masterpieces comes from. Our guideline is, now as before, the human talent, center of all our projects, and the skilful use of the most innovative technology.

The man

The preparation of the problem solving, our departments managers idea, the training of the capable goldsmiths successors of the extraordinary italian goldsmith tradition, the construction of harmonious team of work.

The organization

A business culture open and able to reward the excellence path, the flexibility and the capability to adjust in each of the different situations; a specify administrative supervision.

The technology

The skilful use of the technology helps the man and enpower the skills in each part of the production.

The sustainable development

The strategic element of our business idea. To add value today means for us be able to join the economical aspects with the respect of the human beeing and the environment.

Is the challenge passion, the will of our team to investigate the most innovative technical solutions, that makes Stilnovo be the specialized business and manufacture partner of the high-end jewellery businesses.

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    Adelio Rossini


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    Grazia Rossini


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    Domenica Buggisano


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    Francoise Toulouze


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    Barbara Costa

    Process Supervisor

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    Marco Bardelli

    Accountant Manager

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    Antonella Masinari

    Quality Control

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    Simona Bellone

    Wax and Casting Manager

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    Ezio Banchi

    Technical Supervisor

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    Ilaria Brambilla


The value that distinguish the small manufacture business is the research of excellence, the last ring of a long chain essential to the realization of the best products. Following our clients Style Office instructions, we realise jewels able to satisfy the highest quality standards. Quality is searched in each step of the production and is verified at least three times with controlls, that are like a traceability map of each parcels produced.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us using the form below or through the following data: +39.0131.238358

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